Book Review: I Forgot About Me: A Collection of 15 Poems by Karen A. Brown

“I forgot about me” is something that is so natural for a woman. Most of us spend our days caring for everyone around us. We forget to take care of ourselves. 

Without taking care of ourselves, we are no good to any of those around us. As my daughter is getting older, I am having more opportunities to get back to reading. It is a hobby of mine that I have enjoyed for as long as I can remember. So, I promised myself this year as I take more time for myself, I would keep you abreast of the best tidbits that I have read that allowed me not only to escape but also have allowed me to heal mentally. Because we all need to remember true health starts in our mind. I started reading this book during the pandemic, not knowing that it was written during the pandemic.  

The author not only let me know that I was not alone, but also helped me with my own feelings of grief and let me know that it was OK to wake up and not feel OK, while giving me a little inspiration and glimmers of hope.

It is her first collection of poems that explores loss, fear, and hope along with a lot of other topics. The poems capture what it’s like to be under a blanket of grief. Unfortunately, Karen lost her mother and is truly transparent and she’s feeling powerless and scared, while maintaining a glimmer of hope and at the same time she’s observing the world around her. 
So, if you get a chance make sure you support and read Karen A. Brown’s book.

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