🍆Big d*ck energy is different!🍆

Ladies don’t kill me for letting the fellas in on what we already know. Big Dick Energy is just different. So, we have more patience with it. (Just being honest) You can’t be a pain in the ass but can’t make her even remember your ass… Let’s be real. Ima keeps it 100! No woman means it when they say it’s the motion of the ocean, they tryna be nice to you. They don’t want you to be insecure! That’s why you better be a charming gentleman, loyal, have money, drive nice cars, have good credit… something. If you ain’t packing, pack something else. Be an asset and not a liability. When you got a little pee-pee and you’re a liability, brotha you’re a nuisance. We ain’t kids anymore, so I’m just saying it out loud.

He is not the life of the party, always tryna be seen or up in anyone’s business. I don’t know a RA RA big dick man!

Do you know why?


Little dick energy is in your DM asking for pictures daily.

Little dick energy is always tryna prove who they know.

Little dick energy is in every woman’s face all the time.

Little dick energy is pussy hounds humping like rabbits.

Little dick energy is living beyond his means to impress people who don’t care about him.

Meanwhile, big dick energy is somewhere in the cut observing the room, smart enough to sit back and learn something because they know the best way to obtain knowledge is to listen.

Big Dick Energy is Charming.

Big Dick Energy isn’t up in every woman’s face all the time. 

(No reason to be thirsty women flock)

Big Dick Energy has conversations outside of sex.  

Big Dick Energy is a Boss (Even when he ain’t got no job) LOL

Big Dick Energy is secure within himself and doesn’t have a point to prove to strangers.

I had to throw this out there, so you fellas understand why women scope you out the way they do. We understand you can’t control the size of your anatomy that you were born with, but check it out, little man. Try to control your energy. We are not all feeling that little shit! Keep it to yourself.

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