I promised myself I would get back to reading this year. It’s how I used to spend some self-care “me” time. I bought this book from Amazon yesterday and stayed up all night reading it. It is amazing to look at things from a different perspective. Knowing that slavery didn’t end until almost the 70’s makes you really think about how the lasting experiences affects generations.

The book is set in the early 1900s. IF WHITE PEOPLE WERE SLAVES is a fiction story told by Jonathan, a 16-year-old, White, American kid, who has decided that he will no longer sit idly by and watch as racist groups of Blacks torment the minority White community. This reversal of history takes us on a vivid and alarming journey back to the time when Black slave traders assaulted and took White European men, women, and children captive as slaves. Once in America, we see the horrible, racist treatment of Whites at the hands of their Black slave owners from Jonathan’s recollection of his family’s accounts of their struggles. We also experience first-hand from Jonathan what he must endure himself as the Black Klan spreads its hatred.

I really wish all educators and high school students in White areas had to read this.  I got to learn first-hand that everyone wasn’t born with empathy, and it really needs to be taught. A lot of European Americans are not concerned with things that don’t directly affect their lives. I encourage my European followers to purchase this book. 

Here’s the link

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