Only People Who HAVE Had COVID Have Invited THEMSELVES over to my house…

I don’t know why I allow others to even surprise me anymore but somehow, they do. It’s the New Year and I am sitting back reflecting on this past year as I receive a text message from someone who earlier this week said they were going to the hospital for Covid and now they are inviting themselves to my house. WAIT FOR WHAT? Wednesday, you could barely talk, but Saturday you want to come over? NO, I don’t think so.

I have made my stance incredibly clear. I am very overprotective of my child and my mother and really not comfortable or interested in seeing anyone at this time. I have chosen to stay inside as much as possible because that’s what makes me feel comfortable. Everyone who personally knows me knows outside of being a slight germaphobic, I haven’t seen my own brothers since early 2020. Not in a rude way, but if I haven’t seen my own brothers because of Covid, I am really not tripping on seeing anyone else.

Not to mention, it is not polite to invite yourself to someone else’s house. The social code is to use proper etiquette and wait for an invitation. Inviting someone to your home is a very intimate act. If someone hasn’t invited you… you don’t invite yourself. Especially during a Pandemic while you know they are being overly cautious. Outside of being needy, it’s just rude. Without saying it plainly, you’re saying, “I don’t care about your health, your stance, or the way you feel.” Even if you don’t realize it, you are being extremely selfish, invasive, and only thinking about yourself.

I get it Covid happens and while it may not be your fault you were infected, you had the choice of your environment where and when you spent your time just like I do. You keep your germ-catching ass over there and outta my lane please and I will keep my ass over here because that’s what makes me comfortable, thank you. 

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