2022: I am putting JuJu on all the Fake Sugar Daddies

Ladies, stop accepting this lame behavior! I’m just not the Sugar Baby type! First of all, I am 46 years old. I ain’t nobody’s “Baby” but my Momma’s. From what was told to me by a man near and dear to my heart when I was in my 20’s, “Sweetie, men don’t give you hush money because you ain’t neva gonna hush.” It was explained to me that this only happens with a certain caliber of a woman and I ain’t the type for many different reasons. Let’s be real, a Sugar Daddy is a man who provides for women, things she can’t provide for herself. 

You Fake ass Sugar Daddies in my inbox need to take a long, strong look in the mirror and get back in your lane. I’m not saying I’m tipping cardinal scales, but I don’t have to F&$K or Suck for Anything! I don’t mind working… But the audacity of you 4 figure low-balling, no real Sugar Daddy money having, Ugly, NO CLASS, uneducated, no couth having, probably smelling like salami-looking ass. PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!

What I’m saying is you ain’t even offering enough money to cover my time with these dead-ass conversations. Why is it the rudest, broke morally, Ugliest men inside and out are always the boldest?

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