I Know Green Tea is the Trend, but I Crave All Black Everything!

Samuel told us Always bet on BLACK…you know why? Black is good for you! 

Black tea is a great natural way to help reduce cholesterol levels, which helps your heart health. It can help prevent heart attacks and strokes. One huge study done over a ten-year period evaluated almost 75,000 people. People who reported drinking at least 4 cups of tea on a daily basis were more than 30% less likely to have a stroke. Black tea helps manage blood pressure. Studies showed people who drink a lot of black tea have reported scoring less for both their systolic and diastolic blood pressure. 

Also, a number of substances that can be obtained by drinking black tea have been shown to help fight cancer. Heart disease and cancer are my family’s two biggest killers, so I am all in for a big cup daily. It has numerous antioxidants that can help slow the development of the disease, and some of the polyphenols found in black tea leaves have been shown to make it harder for cancer cells to live.

I have been hypoglycemic my whole life. My Mother and Grandmother have a history of diabetes. Hypoglycemic can flip into diabetes if you’re not careful. Knowing it’s maybe in my genes, I take my A1C very seriously. Black tea helps to enhance the function of insulin, the hormone produced by the body that helps us regulate and process blood sugar.

If I haven’t given you enough good reasons to reach for a tea bag yet, it helps with weight loss and obesity! Your digestive health period. Black tea is able to help reduce the amount of bad bacteria in your gut while being able to increase the amount of good bacteria. It’s really a win-win.

So, I can’t drink things with caffeine in it usually because I’m one of those people who get the jitters from it. Black teas contains caffeine and a relaxing amino acid known as L-theanine, it can promote focus and concentration without causing the jittery effects that coffee is known for. Black tea is great for providing a morning pick-me-up and can provide an energy boost that doesn’t necessarily keep you awake into the late hours of the night. Black tea is much better to drink in the evening than stronger beverages like coffee.

ALSO, if you are looking for a little anti-aging, oxidation is not your friend. It is known to cause a number of problems in the body. It leads to the breakdown of muscles, brain power and can cause diseases. It is the main cause of aging, and ingesting antioxidants on a regular basis can be great for improving health in later years. Green tea is great for you, but don’t get stuck there. Remember your girl told ya…

Pinkies up

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