Happy Christmas Eve!

I really hope everyone is enjoying their evening, with their loved ones. Unfortunately, Christmas seems to be one of the toughest holidays of the year for a lot of people. I pray everyone’s heart is at peace and for the transition of new beginnings and new traditions is done with ease. My heart is with all who lost loved ones this year and I am sending virtual hugs and positive calming energy.

Christmas Eve in my house is always a very special one, which is full of excitement. My little one doesn’t ever want to go to sleep because she can’t wait for the morning to come. 

For as long as she can remember, my mother lets her pick any present she wants, and she is allowed to open it up. Weeks before tonight, she is walking around the tree and eyeballing everything around her. She spends time looking under the tree to see what’s hers.

Besides the gift she gets to open, Grandma also gives her a brand-new pair of pajamas to wear! She really looks forward to her new PJs. She says it makes her feel like Grandma is cuddling her through the night.

This year the biggest and most precious gift is getting to spend the holiday with my family, watch everyone smile and enjoy themselves. In these 2 Covid years, I have learned nothing matters except your family is healthy, happy, and safe. I am truly learning to cherish the moments.

I’d love to hear about the traditions in your family. Merry Christmas, All! I love you!

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