No, you cannot have my Cash App tag. GET A JOB, SCAMMER!

NO YOU Can NOT have my Cash App tag Get A JOB SCAMMER!

I MUST LOOK STUPID! ALL OF A SUDDEN, A HIGH VOLUME OF PEOPLE JUST WANT TO GIVE ME MONEY? Come on, Son! I’ve never been a girl who men just give money to. 

I’m the girl they always tryna get money from. Begging and a sob story is what I am used to. But now that it’s the 4th quarter and ya’ll PPP Scam money ran out, you think I’m so stupid Ima assist you in taking money out of my bank account by way of a cash app scam because you just gonna give me $1000 – 5000 dollars. LMFAO

Ima Black American, aint nobody ever just gave me shit! I work hard for every single thing I have ever gotten. There is NOTHING I can’t stand more than a thief! My Momma says if you lie, you steal. If you steal, you kill. That means you need to stay all the way away from me!

Stop hitting me with your lame FORTEX and Crypto scams too! Keep your flower pedal, gifting, multilevel marketing and Ponzi schemes! 

2022, try getting a JOB and staying out of our DM’s please. I know you think I’m dumb Maxine but I’m more like Holly from the hood than Hollywood. BEAT IT!

Watch the scammers, Sistas!

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