I am one of those people who loves sunglasses. They are an extra accessory many pay no attention to. I happen to have a drawer full.  They polish off a stylish look on sunny days. I am one of those who squint way too much, so it’s beneficial to preserve my face to put on sunglasses. I get more compliments on these Philip Loving glasses than I do on my overpriced Chanel glasses. Plus, my Philip’s are lighter and more comfortable on my face

In 2022, I am determined to find more high-end Black Designers! I am thrilled to find out my good friend and designer, Philip is now making shades. I have been sporting his shoes for the past 15 years, so to find he has moved to accessories is truly thrilling. 

I have the Brown / Gold Tortoise Oversized women’s glasses. They are only $50.00. They ship in 3-5 days. They come in different colors. To check out his whole collection:

He is also now making purses and I just ordered mine. I will do a review when they arrive!

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