Sistas, say what you want! Put yourself first! I’m tired of worrying about everyone’s comfort level when they ain’t worried about mine. See, here’s the thing. I spent most of my life people pleasing, taking the high road, tryna be the nice one and guess what? “I was fucking miserable” and Nobody cared!

Finally, after having children, I learned how to truly say FUCK you and mean it and now all of a sudden, I’ve found my peace! I sleep well at night, instead of sitting up and wishing I woulda said this or that or stuck up for myself! 

I’m not angry or concerned! All of a sudden, I’m labeled as MAD! I was mad and angry when I was quiet about being stepped on and nobody gave a damn. So now if everyone else is uncomfortable, I DONT CARE! You don’t like my mouth; I tell you what… Stay away from me! I won’t miss you! 

Find your peace and hold your ground, Sistas! Nobody is worried about your feelings, so stop worrying about everyone else’s and make sure you protect your energy with your life! Put yourself first, it’s Okay!

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