I woke up disgusted at all the evil and destruction that Christianity has done in America since they arrived. 

It is Native Heritage Month and as I was thinking of lessons to teach my daughter, I couldn’t allow the month to go by without teaching her of the boarding schools for “Indian children” that were set up by the Federal Government and the Catholic Church! These boarding schools were created to destroy and vilify Native culture, language, family, and spirituality. The children’s hair was cut into uniform bowl cuts, which humiliated them and took a piece of their tradition and pride away, along with their cultural clothing. They were given uniforms and punished for speaking their native languages. They were forced into Heavy Manual Labor, Sexual Abuse and Physical Abuse all in the name of Christianity and making them civilized. 

Yet this country has a problem with women in Hijabs?

This country glorifies Nuns, yet there have been graves of 800 babies found where nuns have buried babies in walls and unmarked graves! The secrets of Priests raping Nuns and little boys and girls have been kept quiet for centuries and it is disgusting.

The Federal Government, Christianity and the Catholic Church have been getting away with crimes against humanity since their boats arrived in America! YEAH, THEIR BOATS because that’s how they got here! IT’S TIME we see them for who they really are since America has no problem demonizing the Hijab! Demonize the Demons who have traumatized our land for centuries!

Evil nun

Sister Mary Catherine or Mother Superior, date unknown (Courtesy of Bad River Tribal Historic Preservation Office) Sister Mary Catherine met her death yelling at children about stealing food after she withheld them from eating. She tripped downstairs and hit her head… Mean girl smirk. (Sorry, not sorry) My daughter said, “and I know where she is, it’s not heaven…”

(If you don’t want to believe the story, there is a letter typewritten dated January 3, 1934. It was addressed to the Right Reverend Monsignor William Ketcham, the director of the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions, from Sister Mary Macaria, the Sister secretary of Saint Mary’s. It is kept at special-collections library at Marquette University in Milwaukee, where a trove of records from the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions is stored. Carefully preserved and tended, the documents lie in climate-controlled archival luxury.)

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