We were blessed with the fact that Waldo and Maxine became an iconic couple people have loved and remembered. I was blessed to work with an amazingly talented actor and friend, whom I have built a lifelong bond and friendship with that has lasted 30 years.

Every time I left my house when I lived in Los Angeles, someone thought they were being a comedian yelling to me, “Where’s Waldo”. After 20 years, it pretty much became annoying, (hints to why I moved away from California) but now my Wallypop put his image on a t shirt and sweatshirt, so when I go back to visit I will make sure I have his face right on my chest from here on out.

Christmas is approaching! If you have any family or friends who were/are Family Matters fans, I think this will be a classic, cute and thoughtful gift. You can find other Shawn products now. Check out

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