In my house, Halloween is a Big Deal! It is hands down my mother’s favorite holiday. So, the inside of my house looks like a Haunted House! My childhood was magical, and my mother always went above and beyond to make all of our holidays special, so I want to make sure mine have the same memories. 

I am a big kid at heart, so it’s a wonderful time of the year. Imaginations run wild with little ones, and they are able to be anything they want to be which is always fun!

Picking out costumes is always a big ordeal! She debated long and hard this year because she really thought about being Ranch Dressing, LOL.

Ranch dressing costume

She shocked us all and went in a totally different direction. Which is probably more her style. This year I’m getting an ancient vampiress. I will be posting pictures of course! 

 Here is My little haunted doll last year! Lol 

Haunted doll

She already expressed she’s mad about Covid and is missing her Auntie Soleil and siblings. Soleil is just as crazy as I am about Halloween! 

Plus, Shawn aka Waldo hates everything Pumpkin, so I get to torture him. I like pumpkin stuff, but I think I like it more because he despises it. Lol, attached you will see the video we sent him this morning. Tomorrow, I will be making pumpkin pies as well! 

Message to Shawn

Covid has changed a lot of things for the kids, but it doesn’t have to take all the fun away! We will be making Halloween pancakes and doing a little magic this year along with 2 days of scary movies and maybe a little Hocus-pocus! 

However you enjoy your day, remember to be Safe and respectful… Trick or Treat everyone! If you celebrate, make beautiful memories and take lots of pictures. We would love to see! Tag #Adviceformysistas 

Happy Halloween, Mommy! Look what you started! 

Stay Safe, Everyone! 

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