This pandemic has been a killer on my daughter’s social life! Yes, she’s only 7 but it’s been going on since she was 5 and the kid misses human connections. I’m so damn tired of hearing her talk about Roblox so when my friend, Diana brought up her friend’s herb class, I was excited to bring it to Rhythm. When Rhythm showed interest, I hurried and signed her up.

My daughter was excited she had a teacher of her likeness and was getting to try something new. The teacher is young and relatable, which is amazing. My daughter said, “My Teacher is Beautiful”. She liked class, was excited to meet new friends, but most of all, said she was excited to learn a new life skill. Lol. That’s right, knowing your herbs is a life skill! 

The after school virtual classes are available for 14 weeks. We signed up for 4 weeks but if she’s as happy as she was today, she will get signed up for the rest of the term as well. 

Classes are very affordable at $15.00 a class! The best part is they are virtual, so you can take them from anywhere! 

As a homeschooling Momma, I wanted to give my child the opportunity to take classes I never took and learn all that school doesn’t teach her. I found out today that class is taught by a homeschooling momma too! 

If you’re interested, check out her Instagram account and shoot her a DM to let her know you want to enroll your child.


  1. Great to learn about herbs. Kind of a pity that its virtual, though, since so much that you learn is hands-on. But the foundation is being laid.


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