Thank you for making my life easier!! Getting dressed isn’t as fun as it used to be, I have too much other stuff on my mind! Thanks to my friend over at Suddenly Forty, I am able to stay cute, comfortable and still be Mommy while working! 

My life as homeschool working mom is just different! I spent 20 years in stilettos… now I’m Adidas and Converse out! Where comfort is now my number 1 priority hands down but let’s be real, I can’t get on camera looking a mess either! That would just give these gossiping fools something to talk about. So, Ima help by sharing my secret… homeschool moms, are you ready? There is this amazing online boutique that has cute outfits that are forgiving even to Covid weight! (Yes, I’ve gained a few LBS) but with my Suddenly Forty outfits it doesn’t even matter!

Check them out

Oh yeah, they are also Black Owned!

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