In December of 2019, not that long ago actually, home became a 836 square feet apartment now known as the humble and nostalgic My Terracotta Home, instead of a 1986 sq. ft. two story building that was purchased two years earlier by my Ex-husband and I. 

It’s still painful and unbelievable for me to utter the words Ex-husband because never in a million years did I imagine the betrayal and grotesqueness that would prelude my change of marital status. 

Life for me had taken a horrible twist; or so it felt at the time: 

  • Married-Single
  • Homeowner-Leasing an Apartment 
  • Preparing for a child – shattered Hope of a family
  • Financial Stability – Instability


As women we often times undermine our strength and our propensity to succeed and overcome. Due to the circumstances that gave tribute to the idea of My Terracotta Home, I tend to think MTH was forced out of me like a woman giving birth after carrying a child for 9 months. 

I’ve always loved decorating and creating but terracotta pots was never anything special in my world. After literally walking away from everything when my ex-husband decided to pursue a “friend” and somewhat of a family member, the first two months I wallowed in depression and spent many nights by the television on my little blush blanket in an effort to numb the pain. 

Having a perfectly new and comfy bed to sleep on I resorted to the floor because I felt lonely on a Queen-sized bed. My rationale doesn’t make sense to me now, but it made perfect sense then. I look back and laugh at myself now. 

I find myself digressing here but since we’re friends, I’m allowed a little digression eh? There goes my Caribbean accent! Lol. Just so you know I was born and raised in the Caribbean by the way. So, I’m an Island gal!


“You may trod me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I’ll rise.”

Starting over from the ground up, I found my happy place as I decorated MTH. I knew I wanted my space to be warm, spicy and inviting but had no idea what theme I was going for. After purchasing a few large pieces, I began to visualize my space and started shopping for accent pieces. It was during one of these shopping escapades that I “walked” into my obsession with terracotta as I navigated through “Marshall’s/Home Goods.


I was totally captivated by the variety of these unglazed earthenware. Some were small, others large but, they each had a unique texture and pattern that drew me in. I began to research the process of creating these terracotta pots and discovered that heat makes them stronger. From then on, I didn’t just see terracotta pots I began to see a story so much similar to my own. 

I coined the phrase “she is fired clay” as a reminder that as women, heat doesn’t have to break us. As a culture stereotype doesn’t have to define us. Rejection doesn’t have to break us! Hurt and loss doesn’t have to leave us in pieces. 

She is fired clay started as poetry I spoke to myself as I walked down El Camino street and then translated to a blush terracotta ceramic jar housing Sandalwood Rose scented Soy Wax in April 2020. Yup MTH is an April baby just like me. Isn’t it ironic how I started MTH the same month that I was born! 


My Terracotta Home is a place of new beginnings, passion, artistic freedom, spontaneity, creativity, peace and a space of becoming. 

Not only are our products fun, relatable, warm, earthy and unique but by its very nature our brand represents beauty, resilience and perseverance just like clay as it goes through fire. 


Maya Angelo once said, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

That’s exactly what every MTH package represents:

  • Passion
  • Compassion 
  • Humor
  • Style

Our candles are hand poured in terracotta toned cement vessels, highly scented, paired with a classy ribbon wick and packaged beautifully showcasing the earthy and soulful MTH logo and mantra “A home without Terracotta pots is just meh”


Let’s take a virtual figurative walk into our store. You’ll be serenaded by our signature scented organic wax melts inspired by bohemian art, childhood memories, autumn, culture, intertwined with future aspirations. Our boho blanket wax melt has been described as a pleasant surprise by Melissa who joined the MTH tribe A few months ago. She wrote “I’m not at all a fan of vanilla type scents but this Cocoa Cashmere combination makes me want to cuddle on the couch with some hot tea. “


Cecelia had this to say about our hand-crafted polymer clay earrings “I’m such a huge fan of these earrings!! The natural texture of the clay really stands out and makes them one-of-a-kind! The color is a perfect shade of terracotta and they’re super lightweight, so they don’t feel bulky or in the way. These are going to be my go-to statement earrings of the summer! Keim is an amazing artist and her thoughtful packaging is a detail that makes her pieces feel extra special “

Here’s the truth about My Terracotta Home, every piece has a little bit of my heart poured into it. 


Let’s partner together to make MTH one of the top black owned business places to shop. Tell your friends, your family, coworkers, everybody and let’s rise together. My dream is to run MTH full time and with your support all things are possible.

So Friend,

This isn’t tootles, it’s see you over at MTH

xox Keim ☺

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