I hear from parents often how they are shocked that my daughter loves vegetables and fruit. I say children love what they are introduced to early. What they are offered when they start eating is what they develop a taste for. Plus, it helps she grows some of her own fruits and veggies. Children take pride in eating what they help create.

I pride myself on being from the Bricks and the Beach! East Coast girl raised in California. My daughter was uprooted from her Malibu life and moved to the bush. Talk about character development! She has her great-grandfather’s spirit and his green thumb like no other. Dating back to the 1700’s, she comes from a long line of farmers in Virginia and North Carolina. 

When my grandpa was alive, he grew tomatoes, cabbage, string beans, butter beans had berries, peaches, apples and probably more I just don’t remember. I do remember him chasing me to wash tomatoes off before I bit them like an apple. Lol. Though he’s been gone since 1993 and my daughter didn’t get a chance to meet him, he lives through her. Some things come naturally to some people because it’s in their blood.

Thank God for Genealogy, her Aunt Michelle and homeschooling, she discovered the truth about how her family were all landowners and farmers in the “Slave Days,” even though “His-Story” tells us that’s impossible for a Negro but the Census contradicts history books! I wish many more of us knew how to trace our people and had the addresses and the names. (But that’s a different story, a plantation owner even rented some of our family’s land to grow Tobacco.) School won’t teach you things like that! This is where when you homeschool you win! 

Growing a garden is a great way to teach critical thinking, reasoning, basic math skills, geometry, life science and so much more.

Anyone can grow a little garden cheaply anywhere. Please consider teaching your children the importance of how to grow their own food, identity good plants vs bad plants and basic life skills. 

Anyways enough from the little farmer’s Momma.

Today’s pickings consist of my daughter’s favorite, cucumbers and some sweet peppers! If you need a little extra push to get your babies to eat healthy, check out my daughter’s first book Cucumbers Are Delicious available exclusively at http://www.TheRealCherie.com

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