Ima be honest and hope you will read this with an open heart! Courtney put up a post, ask me anything, so one of the top questions is, “Will you date a regular guy?” Regular guy? I have dated regular guys. Will I date a fan is a totally different story and the answer is NO! While I appreciate you supporting my career, y’all are annoying! Period! One second, “It’s I really wanna get to know you.” Then, when you say “Okay,” the next thing out their mouth is so, “What was it like working with Urkle…” but I’m wrong if I scream, “Kill yourself!” (Because I’m not allowed to have feelings or emotions and GOD FORBID anyone sees it because then I’m bullying fans.) Like how many people you think asked me that question before you, bruh? Like all of them! 

Then you have the stupid, sneaky ones who GOOGLE you, LOL. Come on son! Don’t ask me shit about what you read about me on Google! 

I remember there was this time I dated a guy for like 3 months and his ass texted me one day when he was at lunch with his mom and his sister and his sister told him, “She’s married to Ricky Romance.” Like he texted me this for real. So, I texted him back “You are right, the past 3 months I’ve been cheating on my husband. Great detective skills by your sister reading TMZ. Please don’t contact me again.” But I’m wrong…

So the other day, here we go again. After Courtney’s post, “regular guys hitting my IG inbox wanna get to know me” Asking me about TV… I’m tryna be nice, knowing damn well I ain’t going nowhere with them, then this…

I wrote a whole book about this shit. It’s called Stupid Guys Diary. Available now on Amazon.

Stop asking me would I date a regular guy and find me one with common sense! 


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