I get it, we are all busy! Working from home with kids is no easy task. It’s not easy for them either. This whole Covid thing got most of us being parent and playmate. No, it’s not easy, but sometimes the dishes, phone, emails, laundry and everything else has to wait.

I’m guilty at times, I’ve been annoyed by hearing the word Mom over and over again. But the truth is, the kid needs me. She needs my attention, she needs to have fun and she needs to play. She deserves eye contact. My daughter is my number one priority and the reason why I work so hard. So, we’re keeping that in mind. It’s important for me but she also knows she’s number one.

Prioritizing is Key! That’s why sometimes mid-day taking an hour off to do what your kid wants you to do is the best thing you can do for your relationship with your child and your relationship with yourself. Today, I take a midday break to have a drawing competition. No, I am not the best drawer so this is not about judging my artwork. It’s about telling yourself it’s OK to play. These breaks just simply take away her stress and mine. Well at first, I did not wanna take time away from work to draw myself 20 years from now, to draw my Roblox avatar or to draw anime but taking the time to do so I took away my stress and Rhythm’s and she was happy Mommy played with her! 

Play with your kids!

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