A new chapter, a new life and a new journey! As a child, my dream career was an architect. As you know, that didn’t happen… When you’re born with a passion that burns deep in your heart, you do not just let the flame burn out. You have to keep it burning. 

There’s something satisfying about buying land and building from there. With your taste, to your liking, just what you want and what you need. You watch the dream grow. Nothing like the excitement of a birth. 

This time, my ace is on my right, putting in her opinions on her wants and needs for her new home. I’m tickled about her ideas and how the design team has considered her their client and really listening to her needs. I have to admit Rhythm is much better at designing than I am. 

I won’t be doing any home tours. It’s just not safe for people to know the layout of your home, but if you would like to see more bits and pieces of this new place we call home, let me know and I will share.

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