Once a week, I meet with friends and guests to discuss things going on in their world. We will cover current events and topics that hit close to home. You will get an up and close personal look and hear from the horses mouth.

In each episode, I tackle topics from Recycling Black Dollars, Living a Healthy Natural Lifestyle. Transgenders, Weight Loss, Black Business Owner spotlight, Racism to Father’s Rights. Nothing is taboo or off-limits. The purpose is to educate and bridge gaps, hopefully change a few people’s initial outlook on topics they weren’t educated about.

Some recent guests include singer-songwriter, Venus Renae, Betty Idol from Love and Hip-Hop, a 13-year entrepreneur who was inspired by Janet Jackson, R&B singer J Ghist, Monica Kelsey, whose mission is to save abandoned babies and Sara Dash of “Lady Marmalade” fame.

For more info, visit https://cheriesworldpodcast.com/

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