Did you know that IcoOne can eliminate that after workout burn? Lactic acid is the substance in your muscles that causes them to feel fatigued during exercise and sore following prolonged exertion. Even if you’re not familiar with lactic acid and its function, I’m sure you have heard of alpha hydroxy acid. Lactic acid is classified as an alpha hydroxy. It is made synthetic or naturally. Lactic acid is a pure condensed form of fuel.

Lactic acid production in exercise is a great thing for your overall state of health and fitness. Lactic acid acts to firm up your muscles and increase your aerobic capacity. Your body used extra calories to absorb lactic acid. Your body also gains aerobic capacity, making it both more efficient at burning fat during exercise (Remember, your body needs oxygen to burn fat). Last but not least, the more you “feel the burn” during exercise the more growth hormone substance your body will make. HGH or human growth hormone helps keep our bodies youthful. So, it’s a win-win.

During a IcoOne treatment, the roboderm technology aids lactic acid along with other toxins to be released from your muscles into the surrounding soft tissue. You will feel rejuvenated!

*Drink more water than you usually would to help flush out toxins after your treament.

To learn more about IcoOne, visit The Kian Spa http://www.keepingitallnatural.com/bella-shape

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