This is reassurring: I have NO problems with commitment! There are so many different options on the menu and I’m like give me “old faithful.” I keep going back to what I know! You know why? IT’S NEVER LET ME DOWN! 

I don’t know what scares me about trying something new. Worst case scenario: I don’t like it! Right? Then, I never have to try that again. 

Every time I tell myself today… Ima try something new. Ima woman now and my taste buds need tantalizers of variety. I mean they come in different sizes and colors, hot or cold. So many choices, do I walk in or go through the drive thru. (Some of you just got confused, huh?) Well, you dirty minded people, I’m talking about Starbucks! I stand there reading the menu EVERYTIME like this will be the day I order something different! Face palm, I don’t know how! No other words will come out my mouth! 

I’m hooked on the Chai-Tea Latte, a Venti one please with coconut milk. Yes, Hot. I don’t care that it’s summer, trying an iced one would be new, smh. New worries me, smh! Consistent satisfaction is calming to my soul and keeps me faithful. The warmth when I get the cup in my hand and the smell as it approaches my nose is everything! Instant gratification and mood changer. The sky could fall, and I will care when I get down to the end! That last sip where I turn my cup all the way up, knowing there’s no more inside but I take off my lid anyway to look. Lol 

One day, Starbucks, one day Ima come in and try something new! What are your favorites, people? Maybe suggestions will help. 

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