80 billion chopsticks are made every year. One tree can produce 4,000 chopsticks. 80% of those chopsticks are made in Japan.

Did you know when you use chopsticks, you’re actually using 50 muscles in your fingers, your wrist, your arm and your shoulders. Eating with chopsticks is officially a workout.

  • Teaching children to eat with chopsticks is a great extension lesson for homeschoolers;
  • It’s a life skill.
  • Teaches fine motor skills.
  • Helps hand eye coordination.
  • Slows you down when eating, so kids have chew time.
  • Gives instant reward from your hard work of being challenged.

Did you know?

They were originally cooking tools, then people started using them to eat.  In honor of Asian Americans Heritage Month, it was only right if we had an Asian Inspired lunch!  Not only was it yummy, but Rhythm got to show off her chopstick skills and I learned she likes pot stickers more than dumplings! She really likes dumplings, so that’s a big deal, lol. 

Asian Meal

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