For no amount of money have you ever seen me endorse alcohol. They did not pay me to do this. I am proud to be associated with the owners of a Black Owned Liquor company. I love to see my people do great things. I am inspired watching people I love win! Me spreading the world to you about this company came easy for a few reasons. 

1 The product is Phenomenal. 

2. I truly believe in it.

3. It’s time for a economical shift: we need to support our own businesses.

Legendaire Distilled Spirits LLC is headquartered in Houston, TX. Legendaire is quickly becoming a household name with its popular Legendaire Peach Tea Rum. Legendaire Peach Tea Rum combines two unique aromas creating a very smooth Rum with natural flavor. The blend of peach, tea, and rum has created an amazing flavor alcoholic beverage consumers will enjoy. Legendaire Peach Tea Rum is a versatile drink, enjoyable on the beach, family functions, corporate event, and many more!

Our award-winning taste, unlike any other, will awaken your spirit of discovery, and reveal to you a rare level of quality in the world of rum.

Please Drink Responsibly! https://www.legendairespirits.com

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