Today my brothers, I am talking to you. Try considering the pool of men who approach her. Now, I truly believe in the course of nature. Dogs chase cats… cats don’t chase dogs. For my religious folks, “He who finds a wife, finds a… you get where I’m going.

Unfortunately, beautiful women are getting the short end of the stick because men are not holding themselves to the standard which they are well aware that they should behaving themselves. 


They don’t have to!? 

Well, that’s changing because women are no longer accepting or putting up with the mediocrity. Just doing enough to get by NO LONGER FLIES! 

Men wonder why women are to the point where “we don’t need a man or want a man”

Chronic disappointment, sir… Chronic disappointments make anyone shut down and not want to even allow themselves to be in the position to even feel anymore.

While there are some good men out here being overlooked, it’s because of the idiot that approached before you! She doesn’t even want to deal with what may come after hello. 

Good men, you want things to change? Check other men. Fix their crowns; it is okay! They’re out here swearing they wanna be Kings, acting like peasants! 

My momma always said, “Don’t be a fool and write nothing down you don’t want coming back…” King Kev, not only did I correct you but now Ima use you as an example. Since you’re a King and a Leader, other men can now see the reflection of their failures by yours being put on display! 

Men, we are tired! We are tired of the disrespect, the lies, the playing the fool and the being fooled with! Thank you to those who show us UPFRONT the intentions and the disrespect before hello because then we have a choice and know exactly what will come next. So Ima give him a chance to see his wrong doings a few more times before I BLOCK HIM and everyone like him that comes after him.

I was raised by a Village of Kings who made sure I know my worth. I know what pure love feels like from a Black Man, so don’t bother me with all the impurities…


This is why
Black women
are single!

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