I feel so bad watching women who apply pressure to men so they can “ACT” the way a woman wants them to. Acting doesn’t last long. This is a tactic that is truly unrealistic and doesn’t work. Hate to break it to you ladies but if he aint spending as much time with you as you would like, it’s because he doesn’t want to. So sure, you can throw the ultimatums in his face about what he better do and you can threaten to leave but it’s just a temporary fix.

Your best bet is to release the pressure, then you will see what he really desires. This is one of those hard truth times but in the end, it removes the stress from him and you. It also stops you from getting high blood pressure! Self-preservation girl…

If that man is happy at home, he will have no problems being there. If that man is running, the foundation of the relationship is broken and your threats aint gonna fix it. Here’s the real hard truth: it aint gonna be fixed unless HE wants it fixed. You cannot make another person “ACT” the way you want them to. The right one for you, once you voice the concerns to him, will not just apologize but correct the behavior as he sees fit.

Here is another hard truth. You have to stop looking for someone else to bring you happiness. Codependency for your emotional happiness is setting yourself up to be miserable. Nobody is responsible for your happiness but you!

I know a lot of you are screaming at me now about how I am not a man… I don’t know what I’m talking about. No, I’m not a man but I have a Dad, 8 brothers, a man and all male friends. I get to hear what you and your homegirls don’t hear. I have always been that 1 girl in the middle of 10 dudes. I’m invited to the strip clubs and the bachelor parties. While ya’ll having girl days, I’m with my homeboys listening to them talk about ya’ll.

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