I saw these cute little books on a Facebook ad. Then my friend Angelique brought them to my attention again while we were having a conversation about what books we would be using in our children’s homeschool curriculums this year. I want to make sure I get these lessons in about business and money that our parents simply didn’t have the knowledge to teach us. Books like these are a part of breaking the cycle for me.

Let’s face it, many Black children in my mother’s generation didn’t get the opportunity to watch their parents or family members own a business. So, there was no firsthand experience. Where I was able to watch my mother own her own business and start it from scratch. My mother then explained to me that she didn’t expect to see a return on her money for 6 months. That was a seed she planted right there, an economic lesson right there she didn’t even realize she gave me.

For my daughter, representation MATTERS! The fact that she can see her likeness doing positive things means something to her. She pointed it out to me when she was only 3 years old, and again at 5 when she made it known she was NOT interested in Judy Bloom or the Magic School Bus books because nobody on the cover looked like her! So now that she is 6 years old, I am very aware of what can hold her attention.

My daughter enjoyed them. I enjoyed them because there is a page of vocabulary words in the back of the book. That is where we started her lesson before she read the book. (I wanted to make sure she understood what she was reading.) I also used them as spelling words at the end of the week.

Little Owners is a company dedicated to educating all children on the various career paths to success. Helping parents and schools expose children to nontraditional and traditional entrepreneurship is at the cornerstone of our company. Their goal is to enlighten and enrich each child that reads the books with inspiration and an expanded paradigm of what’s possible.

I bought the 3 Books – Little Owners Girl Series Collection for only $25.

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