It’s that time of the year again! PUMPKIN PATCH TIME! I feel blessed to live in a great place that has many awesome patches nearby. It all started when my daughter was little, she loved Spookley the Square Pumpkin! So, the first year, after we went on a hay barrel ride, drank hot chocolate, rode a pony and visited the little petting zoo they had, she took me on a mission. She had me walking down row, after row looking for a square pumpkin… which of course she did not find. But after a while, she forgot she was looking for a specific shape because she found the perfect one for her. She said it was asking her to please bring it home.

I was relieved we could finally leave LOL. She took pictures and waved bye to the people that helped us, but most of all, she got the perfect pumpkin for her. Allowing her to choose for herself not only makes her feel like a big girl but also brings her so much joy since it will become her friend for the season. She always puts a seatbelt on it and talks to it on the way home.

I know I will miss these sweet moments one day. I hope she enjoys the pumpkin patch for many years to come because I truly enjoy watching her search for the perfect pumpkin. Stay tuned to Fridays post when I will write about carving out this Jack O Lantern.

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