Get your kids up and out of the house and make sure they live! It’s fall, make sure they enjoy the crisp air and the season change. Bobbing for apples wasn’t something that I got to do often as a child with friends because it’s kind of gross and a great way to be spreading germs with a bunch other people. I did get to bob for apples with Soleil once when I was a kid! My mom put a bunch of apples in a container and led us onto the balcony. I remember thinking those floating apples were so funny and diving my face all the way in and down holding my breath trying my best to get an apple was fun. I remember my mom timing us and cheering for us. Then being all wet with a towel around my neck, eating an apple and giggling with Soleil.

I figured this is something my daughter would love to do after going to the apple orchard herself. After I wash the apples, I made sure I got a plastic container, filled it up with water and grabbed a few towels. I explain the rules to my daughter, grabbed her school timer and let her go in the back yard! 

She giggled with excitement at the thought of putting her face in all that water. As she wrapped her hands together around her back, she giggled some more. Once she settled down, she was ready! It was a great way to keep her entertained for about 5 minutes. After she got 3 apples out, she quit! She ate the apple and giggled about it for the rest of the day. It’s the simple things kids remember most.

Memory Made! Let’s see if she asks to do it next year…

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