It’s official: we have a 6-year-old! I swear I blinked my eyes and she’s 6 but I was just pregnant yesterday. I was so sad for my daughter that she wasn’t able to have the birthday party she started planning out loud just after Christmas. Even though she couldn’t have a party, no way was I going to allow the day to go by without making a big deal out of it! 

Months ago, she decided that she wanted a Pac-Man themed party because my mother bought her an arcade size Pac-Man! So, Party City doesn’t exactly sell Pac-Man themed anything and I refuse to go out shopping. This was going to have to be a DYI party made from things I already have! I went running in the garage to make it do what it do! 

I was able to find yellow and red tissue paper for wrapping gifts. Perfect my mother is the queen of making pompoms outa them! I found lanterns from a few years ago, (I think her Doc McStuffins party) some blue napkins I made into a happy birthday banner by punching holes at the top and stringing through ribbon with cut outs of Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man and every color ghost I made out of construction paper. (Sorry I won’t show because her name is on it) but I was pleasantly surprised it came out really cute and didn’t look like napkin on a string, lol. 

Pac-Man Ghost Decoration

Note to self: Always save old party supplies, they came in handy! 

But then the cake…yes, I can bake but I never made a cake that mattered how it looked and I had never used fondant but that’s what YouTube is for right! Thank God she only picked Pac-Man so I was able to make it work and keep her quiet while I was tryna figure out fondant because I had to cut a big piece out of the cake.  Which BTW, my family says it tasted better than the expensive unicorn cake I bought the year prior! I’m having second career thoughts. Just joking, the kitchen is not my favorite room in the house! But I pulled it off and she loved it. DON’T LOOK CLOSE but not too bad for a first attempt and I made a maybe $5 cake that tasted better than the $125 cake I paid for a year prior! (Yes, I feel like a fool.) I made a bunch of pizza and called it a day! 

Thank God for Zoom! Her family all got on the internet at the same time to sing “Happy Birthday” from Thailand, Singapore, Cleveland, Washington DC, Texas, California, Maine, Chicago, NC and more.

My brother Mark called her before she went to bed to ask if she had a good time. She said all excited, “It was the best birthday ever! Everyone got to come to my party and usually you have to work, and everyone can’t be at the same place at one time. It was Amazing!” (I had to exit stage left and go in the other room for a moment and cry while I thanked God.) She’s six but she’s Got it! She was excited and appreciative about having her family close and that’s really what celebrations are about! There was NO NEED to spend a lot of money for 1 day. All she needed was to see her village! Thank you, family, for all being there for her! 

Huge lesson for me by my child, her $5 birthday party was her best yet! Money spent means nothing, but LOVE is everything! 

One thought on “COVID BIRTHDAY!

  1. Great Job mother we are made to make sure our children are taken care of I’m happy your raising a child that accepts the small things and she will remember it for ever


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