To me “stay at home and stay safe” means just that. Keep your ass in the house! That doesn’t mean go over your friend’s house, meet for lunch or dinner. Hanging out with Nobody is more important than keeping my family safe!

I don’t understand why I have to explain to adults why they are NOT welcome to get on the plane and come to my house! 

I am a mommy!  That is my number 1 priority period! You have made your choice… socializing. I get it, it is very important to a mass majority of people and that’s why Covid numbers continue to climb. 

I don’t even go grocery shopping! I’ve been at home period. So even though you feel you are being careful, I ain’t opening my door period! 

Priorities are different for everyone. My priorities are in my house. Stay safe and good luck out there….


  1. Love your post. I am not letting anyone inside because I don’t know who has the virus. Im happy that you haven’t been anywhere. I’m glad that your daughter is always safe because cherie, you’ll you. Love you for who you are to make an impact to young people through social media.


    1. Cherie also, great title to this post on this website concerning your opinion of certain issues in life like the virus. Stay safe, I know you will. I would really hope to see your daughter achieve great things in life once the virus is completely gone. Amen to that right. I know I’m right.


  2. I only go out to get out of the house. I haven’t been out Much since the virus junk started. That’s a great thing for me. I guess you just find other ways to get food. That’s wonderful like orderibg pizza for someone to just drop it off at your house, can’t wait till the virus is completely 100 percent. When it’s over, we should meet. Also, you will be on tv. I know your ready Cherie to get back hanging out with friends of yours that’s on tv.


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