My daughter has no idea how my cousins and I used to write letters, get spankings over long distance phone calls! It would be months or years even in-between times we got to see one another. Now she gets to see her cousins weekly no matter where they live, including the ones in Singapore. 

Now my daughter and her cousins FaceTime each other while playing Roblox and Minecraft! It’s mind blowing and amazing how times have changed! WiFi has truly changed everything about our lives. It’s simply amazing. I really wish my grandfather was alive to see how far technology has come, he would be super amazed. Unfortunately, he died in 93 so I never got to text message him…

Her big cousin in Boston and her big cousin in North Carolina and her friends in California, all playing with her at the same time during quarantine! It’s absolutely amazing. Before quarantine I was not big on her spending a lot of time on her iPad but at the moment it’s an amazing way to stay in touch with those she loves. Summertime is the time to catch up with family and do vacations! Since we are unable to do any of that, this will always be known as the Roblox summer!

2 thoughts on “ROBLOX SUMMER

  1. Cherie, love you so much. It’s amazing throughout the whole virus, you can talk to people all over the country through social media. I really want to meet you someday may be we can do a live Facebook video sometime along with darius mccrary and others.


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