So, I am not a TV watcher at all. I actually call it the idiot box and rarely turn it on. Which is crazy because my family loves TV. I just never got in the habit of it and I have issues with people talking about TV like it’s real. But Hamilton

First of all, the music director is a fucking Genius! The music is undeniably Phenomenal, and the cast has the most amazing voices! Emphasis on the sisters, omg! There was so much talent on one stage. I was Mesmerized and in love with every single second of it! 

I am not a huge history buff and usually I am very turned off by U.S. History and I’m sure I don’t have to explain why! I actually learned a lot that I did not know before and wish every history lesson could be just like this one. 

Homeschool parents with high school children, I think this is a must have treat in your curriculums. My daughter’s a little too young and her attention span is not long enough, but she’s only 5. I will be watching it again one night when she’s asleep.

Bravo Disney+ this was a much needed Covid treat for me and a reminder of why I love and miss New York! 


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