This week my energy has been totally off! I was not out protesting, but I was on the phone calling the White House, the police stations and the General Attorney’s Office. I am mentally and physically exhausted.

My inbox was full of slick remarks from people who claimed to be “Punky Fans,” but musta forgot I’m the Black friend, then wanted to play victim when I cussed their ass out! (I know I should just ignore them, you guys tell me all the time, but then it festers in me and makes me feel worse. Getting it out keeps me mentally healthy.) 

My daughter felt the tension no matter how hard I tried to hide it! She decided she was going to take charge and change the narrative of my day! She was going to have me do some yoga, exercises, and then meditation! 

I giggled as I realized children have so much common sense! She was reminding me how important self-care is. Even though she doesn’t understand everything that’s going on at 5 years old, she still understands at times we need to step back and take care of self because stress kills! 

They say it’s a parents job to take care of children BUT these children really take care of us! It’s hard to hide the truth from children, but as parents it’s our duty to keep the energy healthy for them! 

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