My daughter said to me today, “I wish KIAN was open, Mommy.” 

“Why baby, you want me to go to work?” I asked her.

“I need a spa day, Mommy!” she said to me.

I giggled, what in the world does a 5-year-old know about a spa day?! Well plenty… her Auntie and Mommy are the owners of one. She has become accustomed to walking into a swanky spa in Bel Harbor off Collins Avenue, and receiving a massage and facial while we are trying to work and keep her busy. I understand quarantine has come with some challenges and change to her schedule but most of all, it has changed the fact she isn’t able to spend time with many she cares about. 

Even though Taekwondo is online, she can’t hug her teachers, see her friends, her Aunties, Uncles or the KIAN Staff. She misses them all so much. For a young child, missing people they love is hard.

Self-care makes everyone feel better, and it’s not just for adults, children appreciate it too. It was time for me to become her personal nail technician and massage therapist. First, I made her a bubble bath. When she got out, after I assisted her drying off, I laid her down and gave her a full body rub down. We finished the afternoon off with a pedicure, finger sandwiches and tea. LOL 

Spa Day

One of her Christmas presents was an Orbeez foot spa I found at 5 And Below and her Taekwondo Master bought her a set of polishes and charms. No better time to pull them out and ask her, “What color do you want your nails?”

Spa Day

She loved it! After her treatments her attitude changed, and she enjoyed walking around the rest of her day with her unicorn robe on. Everyone deserves an off day, even children!

2 thoughts on “KIDS FEEL STRESS TOO!

  1. Wowww how wonderful for her to experience this! Yes some parents don’t realize that yes they are little and don’t fully understand this quarantine stuff, but they have feelings, wants, and needs of being outside and away from home as well! They have their own way of showing how being cooped up Is affecting them


  2. Thanks for sharing.. just shows what I imagine of you..” real” and very down to earth..
    Trendy is ok.. but I care to just be me, if it so happens to be trendy🤷🏽‍♀️But I just do “me”.
    I love me and if the next person doesn’t.. something is wrong with them anyway!! To know me is to love me.. I love my “me” time! After giving my life to the two ppl responsible for me being here for the last 12 years of my life.. I am on a self journey of finding and discovering myself!!
    I would do it all over again..


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