“Ouch Mommy, it hurts when I bite!” My daughter said.

“Let me see, baby?” I asked her.

I reached in her mouth and felt a wiggle.

“Oh my God, baby. Your tooth is loose!” I screamed with joy.

She jumped up from the dining room table “Mommy 💕 that means the tooth fairy is coming soon,” she yelled.

“Yes, she is. Wow, Scootcha your first tooth is going to come out soon!” I told her while hugging her.

May 13, 2020 during Covid Quarantine and I get a reminder that life still goes on. My baby is growing out right before my eyes. And the biggest blessing out of quarantine is I don’t have to miss not one minute of it. Time is flying by. I swear it seems like she was just born yesterday now she’s about to lose a tooth. I mean I knew this day was coming and I’m totally prepared for it. By morning, there will be a tooth fairy door installed in her wall. I probably bought the kit when she was like six months old just because I thought it was so cute.

I gave her a Pete the Cat book because in my house, Pete the Cat is a really big deal! So, it’s been sitting in the closet probably for about six months. I found this cute little tooth pillow that came with 3 markers to be colored at Target in one of the deal bins at the front of the store for three dollars! (I knew this stuff would come in handy, I just didn’t know how soon.)

She’s so excited, she wanted to call everybody and tell them. She couldn’t wait to call her Uncle Dallas and Aunt Chavon and ask them what it was gonna be like when her tooth fell out. She wanted to send a video to her Uncle Mark and her Aunt Vicki and Cousin Vivian so they could see her wiggle it! 

Her excitement made me smile as I’m watching her move on to another chapter of becoming a big girl. But a part of me is crying inside because my little baby is growing up. I remember being excited over my teeth coming out, now I understand why my mama used to tell me, “Don’t grow up too fast though, you’re always gonna be my baby.”

Time goes by so fast don’t forget to enjoy your babies while you can… even on the hard days. They grow up way faster than you want them to. I’m going to miss those little teeth.

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