Radiant skin begins within! Good nutrition is imperative.  If you are looking for a great way to rejuvenate the skin on your face and neck, try Kian’s Sugar Scrub. Treat yourself with our organic exfoliating body sugar scrub and get healthier, smoother, more vibrant skin! Our Nourishing & Hydrating Formula is good For All Skin Types. This all-in-one scrub, cleanser and hydrating skin mask is great for body acne, cellulite, and dull skin.  A gentle astringent for acne and oily skin with proven anti-aging properties.

Radiant Skin

Exfoliate and Hydrate Your Skin the Right Way – Our natural and organic ingredients are proven to gently exfoliate built-up and dead skin cells, improve healthy circulation, cleanse pores and nourish your skin for brighter, healthier skin.  For extra moisture try our creamy formula. www.Kian4life.com

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