Do you ever look at your children and think, “Where did they get that from?” Some things are in their genes, there is NO denying it!

I have these moments all the time with my daughter.

When my daughter was 2 years old, she was throwing her ball in a bag as I emptied the groceries… that was all her father! She plays basketball with everything. She has recently decided she is a DJ…LOL Yup, that’s him too, as she beatboxes.

She’s stubborn as all get out and will say exactly how she feels…Yes that’s all me! She also eats a lot…that’s me too!

But the icing on the cake was when she was in Taekwondo and her Grandmaster started telling the class about weapons training and my beautiful little baby blurts out, “I already have my weapons!” Her Grandmaster turned around and said, “Yes, I know you have Nun chucks.” She blurts out, “Nawwww. Not those. I GOT HANDS!” Holding her hands up, as if she was a boxer. She is the youngest and smallest in the class. Her Grandmaster and students all busted out laughing, while I was amused but in disbelief that my MOTHER’S spawn was born through me. She has the softest heart, but is violent at 5 years old. I know exactly where it comes from. MY Mother!! LOL

Some things are just in the genes…

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