So, many of you know that I’ve been on this journey about all-natural products, right? I found this product called “Clean and Cute” and it’s a delicate wash formulated by gynecologist Dr. Rogers, who is a woman straight out of Philadelphia. P.A. is in the house!!  It’s a one-of-a-kind product that hypoallergenic, non-GMO, non-paraben and organic. I am one of those people who has really delicate skin. To this day I am still using baby products or Going2natural products, so I am uber excited to use this panty wash. 

Clean & Cute™ Is a hypoallergenic, organic, non-GMO, vegan, Paraben free, Sulfate free, Formaldehyde free, animal cruelty free panty wash, oh, and it smells great too. It consists of only 3 all-natural ingredients-one of which is an essential oil. The panty wash was designed for all women who wear panties. It was developed considering that women are treated for vaginal infections very often, and we never consider the panties which this infected discharge is spilling and depositing. Panties are being cleaned with harsh detergents that cannot removed the organisms (infection) from the panties, thereby leaving the panties “infected”. A lot of the vaginal itching, irritation, swelling and red and swollen hair follicles can be a consequence of an allergic reaction to the harsh, sometimes cancer-causing ingredients in the detergents that are used to clean the panties. Those chemicals then lay right against the skin and it causes all of the above. As Dr. Rogers says, “Everything that itches ain’t yeast”. Women are repeatedly treated for the infections, and then put on the same vaginitis or yeast and mold filled panties and expect not to be irritated or have an odor!! Not so!! 

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