I just saw a post on Facebook that said, “What would kids be doing if video games weren’t ever invented?”  I couldn’t help but laugh and then comment.

My Facebook comment…

“Actually, my kid just read a book on the history of Video Games and there was a Quiz

at the end. I made her do an oral book report. Not only did she ace the test (reading comprehension) but she read words way beyond what should be her reading level at 5 years old. She thinks Adventure Academy is a video game she’s now moved on from her old game ABCmouse.com. I call this parenting and Homeschool in 1! 

Regardless of their peers, kids live with us and we are the biggest influences in their lives. If you get outside, they will too.

As parents we still can control what our kids do. There’s a swing set outside, so we can go out there and play. I also connect her punching bag to it from time to time. I bought her a pogo stick. She can’t pogo stick inside.   She likes to go with me on my morning walk, but she wants to ride her scooter or her bike. She is also playing soccer and swims in the pool all summer. As a parent, I’ve made it my responsibility to make sure that she goes outside and get the proper exercise that kids should get. I don’t sit around and blame video games and TV. 

Go to the park

Take them on a walk

Go swimming 

Wash the car together

Trim bushes 

Play soccer with them

Play basketball 

Play catch and talk

Play frisbee

Fly a kite

If you stop making excuses, you being involved will get them away from the TV up and out. I’m just saying, can’t blame the video games you paid for!


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