Some of the worst parenting advice ever collected was from people telling me, “That baby better learn to sleep through the noise.”

Healthy sleep habits are taught! That’s right, sleep is a learned behavior!  This is where I learned to break the cycle. My daughter sleeps a solid 12 hours still at 5 years old. People are always shocked she sleeps that much. They don’t realize that’s the ideal time for a young growing brain to develop.

People don’t understand when you’re sleeping you still hear everything and everything that you hear feeds your subconscious mind. What you think about creates what and who you are.

So yes, from day one I’ve always put her to bed in a peaceful and quiet place. No TV because falling asleep with your TV on means you are soaking up the blue light of electronics. The blue light suppresses production of melatonin and delays sleep onset. It’s also linked to obesity because the blue light messes with your metabolism. Also sleeping with the TV on, only God knows what would feed into her subconscious mind. No, thank you!

I’m not up talking on the phone in her face, no vacuums, no laughing loud or house parties. If she hears anything, it’s lullabies and motivational mantras very low.

This is why you can’t take everyone’s advice…before accepting advice from someone step back and think, “Is this person living the life I want? Are they leading by example in the advice they are giving?” After doing that, you will have your answer whether to listen or not.

Teach your babies how to sleep, America!

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