It’s that time again: soccer season. My daughter was so excited to get back in town the night before soccer started. I thought she was going to be jet lagged and tired.  Excitement took over. This time I did not sign her up to be on a soccer league, I signed her up for an instructional soccer class. She did great last season, but I didn’t play soccer, so I would like for her to learn some more skills before she gets back on the field. When we got there today, she was the only girl in her class, and because we got there early, I was able to see the class before hers and it was also full of boys.

At five years old I understand sports are supposed to be fun and games, but I also believe sports are more fun when you’re on a winning team. When you’re one of the top players on the team, your confidence is high and so is your self-esteem. She is so young right now that all the children get playing time, but I am that parent that’s going to go out of my way to do everything I can (in case soccer is something that she sticks with) to make sure her skills are perfected to the best of her ability. That way when she’s older, she will earn her time to play.

I’m sorry, (not sorry) I’m not one of those parents who believes everyone deserves a trophy. Kids need to learn if you want to succeed you have to work for it. That’s how you prepare your child for the real world. Everyone’s not gonna like you and everyone’s not gonna be nice. Those are things that I tell her now and I reassured her it’s OK, everyone doesn’t have to like you, it is more important that you like yourself. 

Today the class was a meet and greet and they ran some drills. All the kids did great and we’re pretty much rookies. I’m excited to see all that they learn, and I will write again to let you know if I think this instructional class improves her skills when it’s time for her to join her next team. 

I do want to give a few little tips for soccer moms. The first one is it is winter, so they told me that they would be having class inside the gym, so bring tennis shoes which I did. I’m so happy that I grabbed her soccer bag with her cleats inside because when we got there she was out on a dirty, muddy field because it rained last night. So, if you can, keep those cleats on hand and make sure you remember their shin guards. I noticed some of the rookie moms also didn’t bring water for their kids. He gave the children three 30-second water breaks during the 45-minute class and I thought it was awesome because I’m big on hydration. Last but not least, don’t forget to encourage them. Before we got out of the car, I looked at my daughter and said, “The only person you have to do better than is YOURSELF! This is NOT a competition! You are here to learn make friends and have fun.”

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