As a mother, I don’t need one more thing to remember, not one more thing on my list to do. Whoever started this Elf on the Shelf thing, I’d like to strangle him. Let’s just get real, sometimes when my kid falls asleep… I fall asleep too because I’m completely exhausted. I want to run away from responsibility just like everybody else. 

Holidays are those things that I feel like I have to do because my mother loves them so much but it’s not the thing that I really enjoy doing.  Yes, my house is decorated. Yes, my Christmas trees are up (4 of them). Yes, I have a reindeer and angels and trinkets and Santa Claus everywhere.  My kid knows the truth, she figured it out when she was three that Santa Claus is not real.  She said, “There is NO way he gets from Uncle Chris house in Thailand, all the way to Uncle Aves house in Singapore, then to me in the USA all on the same night. It’s not possible, Mommy!” 

I’ve never tried to convince her otherwise, I giggled and told her don’t tell other children. She pinky promised but she happens to enjoy all the shenanigans. 

This Elf on the Shelf thing is becoming a pain in my butt. Let me let you into my home. My daughter wakes up bright and early at the crack of dawn happy and the first thing she does is search the house for the damn elf. My heart dropped because I realized I fell asleep! Damn, the elf was going to be in the same place it was last night not because my kid was bad yesterday, because I simply forgot and fell asleep. 

She called my mom to tell her the elf didn’t move. Thank God, I have an awesome mother who loves to play all the little elf games. We left to go grocery shopping and what do you know…when we came back the elf had moved! At first, I was confused but then I giggled. 

Thanks, Mom. I might be 44 but you’re still my hero and you’re still rescuing me! To all parents out there who have also bought their children an elf, good luck. I hope you can remember that one more thing that’s on your list until Christmas! 

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