My baby girl is far from the princess type, so I was a little taken back at first when she picked out her latest book, The Duchess and Guy. Then I quickly realized my daughter has no idea who Meghan Markle is. She just picked a brown girl with a dog and a crown and I giggled, thankful she could see her own likeness on such a beautifully made book! 

I smiled because this was the opportunity for her to see mainstream royalty that looks like her. We talk about the royalty in Africa, but because of who owns the corporation of the United States, unfortunately those are not the images she gets to see on TV.  What a beautiful introduction to Mrs. Markle for her. 

The book is based upon the real-life story of Guy, a rescue beagle owned by the actress Meghan Markle, this picture-book from American author Nancy Furstinger and Spanish illustrator Julia Bereciartu imagines the process whereby the pooch makes himself at home with the British royal family, after Ms. Markle meets and eventually marries Prince Harry. Despite some initial mishaps, Guy eventually finds his place, much like his human, and all ends well…

The book is beautifully done and a reminder that unfortunately, there are many animals that deserve beautiful homes just waiting to be adopted. 

(This blog, I repeated the word beautiful a lot because Meghan is just that.)


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