Not a single day goes by where a grown man isn’t telling me a sob story as to why I should help him out and give him money. Men that I don’t even know. I grew up in a time when men wouldn’t dare ask a woman for money! It was a man’s job to provide, profess and protect. Now it seems to be the other way around. Men crying that they never had a father figure, so they don’t know any better. Hold up, I should have asked every single one, do you know or care how many women never had a father figure either? At some point you have to let that cop out go and teach yourself how to be a man! One of the greatest men in my life was my grandfather and he never had a father figure either, but he raised 6 children on his income from working in the steel mill and found himself handyman work on the side as a hustle. Not because he loved it but because he was a man who provided, and his family depended on him! He made no excuses and took full responsibility for his family! He made 6 children; he took care of many others as well.

We live in an era where many men simply do NOT take responsibility for themselves or their actions. Being a real man is about knowing you are in control of your life. To be a real man you must take responsibility of your thoughts and actions. The things you do, say and think are all in your control. Many of you understand this but choose to ignore because ignorance makes life easier! Men…real men don’t ignore responsibility, bottom line. Nor do they look for someone else to blame!

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