There is always that person who throws your mistakes up in your face. The moment you are doing well, and life is going great they will do all they can to steal a moment of joy from your day! We all know or are even related to that 1 person.

“Ohhh, Johnny looks just like his Daddy!” (Knowing you and Johnny’s Daddy do not get along.)

“I saw such and such the other day.” (Knowing you and such and such fell out.)

“Oh, you bought a car? Hope you don’t crash it like you did the last one.”

“How long is this little girlfriend gonna last?” (Not knowing the last one cheated on you.)

Don’t be that person that lives in everyone’s PAST! When you’re busy living in your OWN future, other people’s past won’t even be your memories. Bringing up hurtful things to others is a direct reflection on yourself! Not that person you think you’re being coltish with. It’s very telling of your spirit and where you are in your own life. You hurt! Don’t be that hurt person who goes out of their way to hurt people. Heal yourself and lead with love. You will be a lot happier!

And for those of you who read this and names of people in your life popped in your head, LET THEM GO! As you are tryna live better, do better, be better, often you have to let the people you love GO! They can’t go with you where you deserve to be. A river never goes in reverse! Live like a river, PERIOD!

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