We are seeing a lot of these Women Empowerment Movements but what does it really mean? Women and girls make up the majority of the 1.4 billion people living in extreme poverty. Women’s Empowerment is about educating and empowering women with the resources and confidence necessary to secure a job. Not just any job but often their dream career. It’s about equality and leveling the playing field. Reaching back into the community and giving a sista the helping hand she needs. Where otherwise she may had been overlooked.

We all have heard this is a man’s world. Truth told… only because women allowed it to be. I believe in the next 30 years we will see a major shift! More women now than ever before are CEOs, doctors, lawyers, attorneys and scientists.

There is an edge that men have over women that we should take notice to and take notes from.

First, men run off rational thoughts while women run off emotion. Where men have pride, it’s our emotion we have to overcome to win. When you allow anger or apathy to get in the way of the things you set out to do, you do a disservice not only to yourself but also to those around you. The biggest disability you can have is being a person with a bad attitude and allowing it to control you. Don’t allow your attitude or how you feel to control you, you have to control your attitude if you want to win.

Secondly, women spend too much time worrying about what you stand to gain instead of taking responsibility. Emotion tells us to look after our personal bottom line but seeking out responsibility is a test of our self-mastery. When you let go of acquisition and exercising your rights, you are free to accept the responsibility that leads to genuine respect. Stop living in the now and look at the future. Pointing a finger at someone else doesn’t solve the problem, it just hinders getting the problem resolved.

Men really support each other, there is a brotherhood and mentorship that happens where they rise together. Women tend to feel this threat and fake competition between one another that hinders us from really supporting each other’s mission. We want to see others do well just not better than us. We really need to let that go!

Lastly, we need to stop second guessing ourselves. Women need to learn to trust that gut instinct and run with it. It’s okay to recognize your win, while learning from your loss. We are all so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We often just don’t know it until after we have resolved an issue and obtained our goal.

While many of us are taught to be humble I am telling you if you want to be a real boss you have to be confident and be bold, it’s okay to be border line cocky, just never catty!

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