The most successful people did not become successful alone. The one thing all of them have in common is a great, strong team. Whether the team consists of 2 people or 300 people, each has important jobs to make their unit thrive. Having a good strong team consists of many important components.

First is communication. This doesn’t mean that there is constant chatter or barking orders. This means everyone has a clear-cut understanding of their duties and responsibilities. There is a due date set and the lines of communication are open for input.

Secondly focus on goals. With every business a monthly goal should be set and shared with the team so that each member can work on completing their tasks.

Third, make sure work is evenly distributed among your team. Everyone does their fair share and holds their own weight. There is nothing worse than being micromanaged by someone who barks orders and does very little. People will work a lot harder when they see their leader busting their ass for the greater good of the whole team.

Fourth, when your tasks are completed it’s always a great gesture to offer support to anyone who may need the extra help. Maybe looking at things with your fresh eye can bring a whole new prospective to a daunting task.

Diversity is important and my favorite. Working with people who come from different backgrounds can teach you so much. People from different cultures can look at the same thing and see it differently depending on their life experience. This is where your company can really grow and thrive. Diversity invites a whole new demographic of consumers to enjoy our product.

Leadership starts at the top! A lot of bosses forget the whole lead by example ideal. I will personally work a lot harder for the boss who comes in early and stays late over the one who schedules a meeting then shows up a hour after it was supposed to start expecting me to jump at their beck and call because they decided to show up.

Last but surely not least organization is everything. This is one of my biggest issues. As a writer, I have a ton of content. Some is on my laptop, my phone and spread through different emails. What has helped me tremendously is designating an email where I simply send everything I write so it’s easy for me to find. No matter what device I write it on, it gets sent to the email. Find what works best for you! Everyone has different systems.

Have fun and enjoy every day. It will make a difference.

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