When you understand that money is just paper, you can think about it differently: either the absence of it or the abundance. Now if I said, “Can you go out and get 5,000 sheets of paper?” that doesn’t sound like such a challenge, right? If I say, “Can you go out and get $5,000.00?” your thought process shouldn’t have changed, it’s just paper. Just like you started thinking of all the ways you could collect 5000 sheets of paper; is the same way you need to think about “What do I need to do to earn $5,000.00?” It’s really that simple.

There is no reason to give money the power to control your emotions. Money shouldn’t have enough power to dictate whether you have a good day or not. Happiness is a choice. It is an emotion that you control. Just like you control whether you put money on a pedestal or not. From what I have learned is that everything and everyone you put on a pedestal one day will fall off and disappoint you. Money is simply paper it should not determine your mental health, your inner peace, or your self-worth.

If money is a worry in your life…spend your time focusing on the solution, not the problem! If all you think about is your debt, you will stay in debt. Switch your focus and spend time thinking about the solution! Think about your prosperity and growing wealth for your family and you will be surprised how all of a sudden, your paper flow has changed. Your debt is paid off and you are now saving. You are in control of your life, not a piece of paper. Put money in your hands where it belongs and keep it out of your heart!

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